Candles are some of the best small touches you can make to your home décor and environment. One of the best facets of adding candles to your space is that they can be switched out according to season, so you’ll always have a candle that is appropriate for the season you’re in. Having a candle with a scent that matches the time of year can help you get into the spirit of whatever season you’re in. Plus, it makes your house smell great, which is always a bonus. If you’re looking for the best candle scents for the summertime, here are some great ideas. 


  • Fresh Florals

Fresh florals are some of the top scents for summer. They’re clean, fresh, and can help your whole space feel freshly cleansed and sanitized. The floral element of a fresh floral candle also gives it a unique summertime feel. What sets aside a fresh floral from a more powdery or sweet floral are the notes of wood, amber, and white lily. All of these clean scents combine to create a very unique smell that is wonderful for all seasons, but essential for summertime. This Fresh Florals Soy Candle is a delicate blend of the woodier musk scents and the bright floral scents. 


  • Jasmine

If you want an especially classy, feminine, and powerful scent for the summer, look no further than jasmine scented candles. Jasmine is one of the most complex floral scents, and a jasmine candle can fit right at home in your bedroom, office, or even your bathroom. Jasmine candles tend to be richer and deeper than traditional light, fresh florals. So if you find yourself more drawn to rich autumnal smells and you’re at a loss when it comes to summer, jasmine candles may be your perfect candle match. This Jasmine Scented Soy Candle is perfect for everyday life, but still feels glamorous and special.


  • Magnolia

Magnolia is a great floral scent for summer. This floral specifically features more fruit-forward complexity, which makes it perfect for long evenings sharing fruity cocktails with friends, or for burning in your kitchen or dining room. The Magnolia Scented Soy Candle is a rare blend of fruity apple scents and fresh floral scents, with notes of violet and red grapes. This candle could also make a great gift for a friend who likes sweeter scents, but still wants something fresh for summertime. 


  • Sets of Multiple Scents

If you’re a true candle fan, you know that you can’t limit yourself to just one scent for a season. That’s why candle trios that feature smaller versions of multiple scents are ideal for the summer. The Island Getaway Gift Set is a set of three mini candles in great summertime smells: Ginger & Sandalwood, Island Vibes, and Eucalyptus & Spearmint. Burn them one at a time or use them in different areas of your home! These small candle sets also make excellent gifts for anyone in your life. 


Whether you’re a candle fanatic or only burn them sometimes, having a great scent in your home for the summer is a must. Try out any of these options for a space that feels fresh, inviting, and distinctively summery. 

The Best Candle Scents For Summer Time

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