A quick and exciting way to earn money for your schools and organizations!

online candle fundraiser

Choosing your candles:

You get to choose any 4oz and / or 9oz candles from these collections: Baked collection, Signature Collection, Quotes Collection, and Be the Change Collection and from our wax melts.

Once you've finalized the candles for your collection we will create an online collection for you, where you and your organization and participants can access the candles.

Candle Deliveries:

-Candle purchased through the organizations dedicated collection will be shipped to the customer if they choose to do so at checkout, local customers may also pickup their purchase at our studio.

-If candles are being shipped to your organization, once organization receives candle shipment, it is their responsibility to deliver orders to customers.

Your Earnings:

Organizations will receive 45% of the total sales. NaturalAnnie Essentials payment will equal total sales minus 45%

Organization Responsibilities

-Provide NaturalAnnie Essentials Tax Exempt Paperwork prior to the start of the Fundraiser.

-Email  wholesale@naturalannieessentials.com letting us know which candles / wax melts you'd like in your collection.

-Promote! Promote! start promoting your candle fundraiser within your organization letting people know where & how to support you.


At the end of the buying period NaturalAnnie Essentials will email a report of sales made and payment to the fundraiser contact via check or PayPal.

Once we receive your fundraiser form, we will create an invoice including any shipping cost if applicable. The invoice will be emailed to the Fundraiser Contact (for form based fundraisers only).

Payment can be made directly via the invoice using a credit card. A receipt will be emailed to the Fundraiser Contact. (for form based fundraisers only).

Prior arrangements can be made to pay by check. (for form based fundraisers only).




 Candle online fundraising