3 Reasons People are Loving NaturalAnnie Essentials Candles

Candle lovers rejoice: NaturalAnnie Essentials Candles are a fresh new take on a classic candle. 

If you’re a homeware or design lover, or you just like to keep your spaces smelling amazing, you’re likely already into candles. However, if you’ve tried enough of the offerings on the market you probably already know that not all candles are created equally. When it comes to the brand that’s skimming to the top of the clean soy candle rankings, NaturalAnnie Essential’s is one to try. Curious about what makes this small, Black woman-owned soy candle brand so great? Just listen to the customers. Here’s why people are loving NaturalAnnie Essentials Candles. 


1. The Candles Are Non-Toxic and Made With All-Natural Soy

When you bring a candle into your space, the last thing you want is for it to be chock full of chemicals and parabens and other toxic materials that are harmful to you and your family. NaturalAnnie Essentials candles are made with all-natural soy, are free of toxic ingredients, and they use ECO wicks that are free from lead and zinc. One Google reviewer, Gina Newman, remarks, “With standard store bought candles I noticed I would get a headache and burning eyes after burning them, certainly not the case with Annie's! I can burn them for hours and no effects besides happiness.” Customers love that they don’t have to worry about anything when they burn NaturalAnnie’s Candles, which is the way burning a candle should be! Enjoying one of these natural soy candles is a relaxing experience from start to finish. 


2. They Help Create Great Spaces for You and Your Loved Ones

Another aspect of NaturalAnnie Essentials Candles that both reviewers and customers are loving is their sheer ability to make any space a relaxing, positive space to be in. This goes for both candles purchased for oneself and candles purchased as gifts. In hard times, NaturalAnnie Essentials candles have helped create a respite for customers and their loved ones. Google Reviewer J Shortell says, “NaturalAnnie Essentials has become my go-to way to create happy spaces for myself and celebrate those I care about during this pandemic.” The ability of these candles to make people feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable is one that is hard to come by in your standard store-bought candle. The handmade, uniquely scented candles foster positive energy in any space you burn them in. Check out the gift section so you too can share the joy with your loved ones.


3. The Customer Service is Unbeatable

Choosing a candle is about more than just liking the scent, the ingredients, and the price. If you’re a really savvy candle shopper, you want to purchase candles from a company with high-quality customer service. In this area, NaturalAnnie Essentials delivers. As a small business, NaturalAnnie Essentials takes their craft seriously, with each candle poured by hand by members of Annie’s own family. And, the intimate atmosphere of the creation of the candles rubs off on customer service. The reviewers on Facebook, Google, and the company’s website all tout the “great customer service” that matches the quality of the top-notch candles. 

Try some of these customer faves today and get this amazing experience for your self! 


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