How to use Plants and Candles for Quick Home Décor

Household chores time! *rearranges coffee table clutter*

This room needs a refresh! *studies Pinterest*

Loving that look! *checks bank balance*


Okaayyy... so remodeling is a no-go...

Sound familiar? Don't despair! The beauty of interior design is that it's super-flexible and can accommodate all budgets, no matter how teensy. The best way to refresh your room without giving your bank manager (or hubby) a heart attack is to accessorize. Growing up in Jamaica this was almost a ritual – every season without fail my grandmother changes her curtains, like seriously the lady didn’t skip a beat. Now I find myself and my mother has taken on these same curtain rotation habit, talk about my trend setting granny haha!

NaturalAnnie Essentials  soy candles

Think about it, ladies; how many times have you recycled an outfit and switched up your jewelry or added a scarf to make it look new? The same principle applies to home décor. I'm not gonna mansplain it to you, but here's the deal - a few well-chosen accessories can make a whole heap of difference to your room's look and atmosphere. Soy wax candles and funky plants will also extend those green beauty vibes into your home to keep things nice 'n' natural.

I’m a low key plant addict (peek at my living room below), but who’s judging.

NaturalAnnie Essentials

Photo credit: Allie Dearie

Lush greenery and scented vegan candles are the keys to creating a chilled, Zen, relaxo-mondo space. And - bonus! - the botanical trend is everywhere right now so your neighbors will be green with envy at your glossy-mag-worthy home. You'll have a gorgeous retreat in which you can kick back and do your own thing, and when you get bored of your look, it's easy to mix it up!

NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candles

Photo Credit: Kayleem Lim

Real plants will add texture and breathe much-needed life into your room; try trendy succulents arranged on a bookshelf in your hip loft apartment, or stand tall fern fronds in the corner of a spacious living room. The best aromatherapy candles to use are ones which burn clean and fill your home with beautiful, stimulating scents. For peace and serenity, try our Cedarwood & Bergamot blend; to ramp up your energy levels, opt for our Lemon & Vanilla fusion.

NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candles

Photo credit: Hilton Carter

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