7 Ways Scent can Increase Energy in Your Home or Office

naturalannie essentials soy candles

Got an unhealthy relationship with your alarm clock snooze button? Constantly battling brain-fog and epic stress levels? Honey, you need a pick-me-up, and fast!                                                       

It's time to ditch the double espressos in favor of our scent-sational soy wax candles. Scents are known to positively affect your mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing. The right blend can ping you wide awake and keep you focused. Breathe deep: batteries recharged. Woop!

Monday Morning, can't stop yawning?

If your greatest skill is desk-napping your way through the working day, it sounds like you're in need of a zingilicious wake-up call. Our Citrus Bliss blend is one of our best soy candles, bursting with bergamot to shake up your senses 

Tuesday Snoozeday?

That office meeting's a bore and Carol from Accounts just won't stop talking... invigorate your limp, lifeless self with Eucalyptus & Spearmint! You'll feel perky and refreshed with a clear mind and a spring in your step

Hump Day Slump Day?

The Mid-Week Lull is just *ugh* and you're totally ready to quit adulting. But don't give up! Burn our Lemon & Vanilla candle and the zesty fresh scent will help fight mental fatigue and boost your productivity

Thursday The Worst Day?

Deadlines, laundry, traffic jams, office dramas... all doing you a concern and that's an understatement. Fill your room with our Cedarwood & Bergamot vegan candles to zap your anxiety feels and get you back to your sunshiney self

Friday Stress-Levels-High-Day?

Make it Fri-yay with soothing Jasmine & Musk. Not only does it blitz that working week negativity, it also relaxes and revives your spirit, so you're ready for any weekend worries

Saturday Feeling Flat-urday?

Pamper your soul with our blissful Ylang Ylang & Rose blend. It's among the best aromatherapy candles for reducing stress, anxiety, tension headaches, and a *meh* mood

Sunday No-Energy-To-Run-Day?

Let the tropical, inviting scent of Island Vibes transport you to your happy place. You'll be recharged and ready to face the week ahead. Take a hike, Monday Morning Meltdown!

Make this week yours, shop your favorite scents here!

naturalannie essentials soy candle


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