NaturalAnnie Essentials IGTV!

Lemme catch my breath! It's been a minute since I blogged but sometimes life happens, both personally and business wise and I was just rolling with it.

I have so much to share in our upcoming blog posts!

Starting with Instagrams new IGTV, ummm YES! LOVING IT! I've always wanted to do YouTube but I never got around to it, and to be honest the editing bits and all got to me because I wanted my videos to be polished, they have to look a certain way. Perfect example of how perfection holds you back in life. JUST DO THE THINGS! 

So clearly I was overly excited when IGTV dropped and again, that wicked little perfection voice went off in my head again, but I was boss this round! I said no! and i took out my phone and recording the damn thing. All in about an hour your girl was ready for her first Instagram video. 

So what will be on the channel ?

Well first of all don't expect it to be perfect. I will be using the platform to document my journey as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur - and contrary to popular beliefs , that life is not always polished, so be ready.

I'll be sharing business tips as I've learned them and behind the scenes. This will also serve as a platform for me to answer any questions. I get a lot of DMs and often the questions are the same so this will help me to get back to you and answer the same burning question someone else may have.

So, shoot  me your questions via DM, emails, or comment below and I'll be doing a video on it. For now I am trying to do 2 videos per week so lets see how this works!

If you missed the video on Instagram i've linked it below. Lemme know what you think!

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