A chat with Sue Monhait of Gift Biz Unwrapped

People Don’t Buy Products – They Buy You! 

I always love meeting and talking shop with fellow makers!  Recently I sat down with Sue Monhait of the Podcast Gift Biz Unwrapped to share my shop journey and pop up shop experiences.

Listen to the full podcast below:


Business Building Insights

  • Action over perfection. Go out and do what you know you want to do. Don’t wait for the perfect time.
  • When starting a new business, be honest about whether you really want to do it long term. This should be a deciding factor.
  • It’s important for makers to have one specific place where to send customers. In almost all cases, this should be your website.
  • Not everyone will be your correct audience.  Keep testing different markets and craft shows to find the ones that are right for your product.
  • Add more to the experience by making your booth welcoming and inviting, one where people can get comfortable and spend time.
  • Be willing to get help when the time comes. If you want to grow, you won’t be able to do it by yourself.

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