My Trade Show Was an Epic Flop!

Things do not always go as planned.

In my life they rarely ever do.

In August we headed to New York to do our first big trade show where we'd show our newest collections of candles. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I did not expect was to come home with 0 orders, yes you read that right, ZERO!

naturalannie essentials candle booth display

After my 4 days of torture, I returned home, cried my eyes out and got back to work. I started to plan my "comeback" and gathered enough courage to actually talk with my mentor Becky J. Anderson about what felt like my biggest flop of the year. Together we created the below podcast because she has been there and now here I was in that same "hole" - we've been there so we wanted to talk about it and let you know these failures are real, but a necessary step on the entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to the full podcast below: A trade showcase study

You'll walk away from this show knowing:

  • Why the location of your booth is a critical factor when deciding if you want to do a trade show.
  • Why your booth setup is essential.
  • Where you should place your products, so people aren't afraid to walk in your booth.
  • Why you need to have programs and Point of Purchase displays that making buying easy for the buyer.
  • Why follow up is so vital after trade shows and so much more.

Be sure to subscribe to Becky's podcast here as she shares her wealth of knowledge weekly for product-based businesses.



Shanta Merrell

Shanta Merrell

Follow up is very vital



You are not the only one. I swear every year that I am not going to do any more shows :(

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