autumn scents and home decor

Autumn is here and we couldn't be happier that it's officially sweater weather, which means we are about to get super cozy! 

Our candles are infused with 100% vegan oil blends that are environment-friendly and recyclable. We do not dilute our oils in order to preserve the concentrated aroma that will remain there whenever the candle is burning.

You can choose from a variety of scented candles that come with unique, irresistible fragrances sure to make your senses fully indulged in them. Today we're highlighting some of our customers best scents to add to you candle collection this fall!

1. Brown sugar & rum

This candle has a devilishly irresistible aroma that depicts from its flirty, sensual touch of brown sugar and spiced rum. When the weather changes, and there is a crisp of air around, the zesty fragrance will surely lift the ambiance and warm your soul with its spicy aroma.

brown sugar and rum scented soy candle

2. Buttercream and Vanilla

Buttercream and Vanilla are two very sweet and scrumptious fragrances, and what can be better than these two in combination?

Guaranteed to bring back memories of your childhood, this scented candle will cherish you to the core and give you the summary, mild warmth that you enjoyed as a child. The creamy, rich delight is great for a comfy night.

butter cream vanilla soy candle

3. Cranberry apple

The tangy concoction of tart cranberries, spice and ripe apples with a juicy touch and zesty crisp will bring you back the memories of the delicious thanksgiving pie you used to have with your family every fall. The luscious fruity smell will bring a fresh vibe in the room.

hostess cranberry scented candle 

3. Pumpkin vanilla nutmeg

The sweet melody of warm aromas of brown sugar, molasses, pumpkin, and spices will create rhythm in your soul with just the right blend of spiciness and warmth. The fragrance goes perfect with the autumn weather when you can enjoy a comfy, feisty night either by yourself or with your family.

Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and this beautifully fragranced scented candle will surely make any day feel like a luxury holiday filled with warmth and comfort that you deserve after a tiring day.

pumpkin scented candle


5. Villa

From our resort collection, you can enjoy this stunning scent while you’re on your lazy days as the beautiful fragrance will make you feel like you are spending holidays in a villa by a beach.

The perfectly unique and bold combination of crisp coriander and gender-neutral tonka will quench your thirst for uniqueness as notes of lemon and hints of tobacco leaf create a sexy fragrance, enough to lift your mood considerably higher than you would expect.

 autumn scented candle and home decor

6. Nag Champa

This is a scent straight from the funky ’70s as the throwback scent of this Soy Candle with a twist of Vanilla and orange flower gives it a unique touch. It's one of our signature scents and loved by so many because of the unique blend. It will surely remind you of the old hippy days. The Indian aromatic touch creates a funk vibe in the room.

nag champa hosted gift sCENTED CANDLES

7. Ginger & Sandalwood

The Ginger and Sandalwood scented candle is great for meditation as the sharp tang of ginger and warmth of sandalwood will create a fresh atmosphere in the room. The patchouli essential oils with a twist of geranium are sure to revitalize your mood.

ginger and sandalwood  hosted gift sCENTED CANDLES


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