Island Inspired Beauty!

Bold Botanicals That Are Strictly NSFW* 

*Not Suitable for Wallflowers!

hand butter

Be honest - when was the last time something "minimal" shook your world? Nobody ever got excited about characterless organic beauty products in pared-back packaging. They may have the natural vibe nailed, but they don't get you tweeting, blogging, insta-snapping, and haul-vlogging. Where's the wow? The want-it-right-now?

Bold Botanicals skin care

Don't misunderstand; we know that the best green beauty is synonymous with the purity of minimalism. Simple packaging for simple ingredients makes sense, sure.

It's just that we find this all a bit *meh*. Why shouldn't natural beauty products have personality? We're all about ethics here - hence the all natural skin care and soy wax candles we produce - but we're also all about F-U-N! In a world of uninspiring organics, we dare to be different. We don't shy away from what makes our stuff unique - we shout it from the rooftops! Our brand is proud to be loud. We're more wow factor than wallflower, that's for sure.

matcha & grapefruit body scrub

We stay true to our all-natural ethos, but we bring it with funky colors and scrummy blends of exotic fruitiness. Our natural body care products are made to be noticed; our packaging is designed to be bathroom-shelf-worthy.

island vibes soy candle

We're like a tropical island rising up from a sea of monochrome monotony... like a coconut 'n' lime double-scoop soy ice cream sundae in a row of vanilla cones. 

After all, how could we not be inspired by the zingy colors, intoxicating fragrances, and vibrant spirit of our tropical island home? Our products are proof that botanicals needn't be bland. They'll make your skin feel pure and your home smell sweet, but they'll also make you wanna whip yo' hair back and forth and burst into song at random moments. No kidding.

things that makes me happy

Clean, green, and serene is so *yawn*. Get wild with something exotic, exciting, and enticing! Fill your space with candles, not blandles. 

Get on board with natural skin care products that are bursting with joy, not modest and coy. You know you wanna.




Packaging is def the first thing that catches my eye… then comes everything else. Your products sound amazing!


Ex Waitress

Maximalism has always been my style!


Packaging is the first thing that catches my eye! These are beautiful and definitely make me wanna try them out! Island flavors should definitely be colorful and playful!


The packaging is beautiful! So bright and colorful!!


I completely agree… bright bold packaging is fun and draws more attention (at least from me)!

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