Aromatherapy has proven mental health benefits, so keep your employees happy and healthy with candle kits. 

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If you’re a business owner, human resources professional, swag bag specialist, or other leader in the workplace, you likely know firsthand about the importance of employee rationale. Employees that are relaxed, mentally well, and that feel cared for by their employer are more motivated to do their best work, and they are more productive, too. Especially with the shift to working from home that many workplaces have made, employee wellbeing is top of mind. With so many employees working remotely, HR personnel may be looking for new and unique ways of connecting with their staff. Enter: the wellness welcome kit. Welcome kits are gifts given by companies to their new employees, or to employees who are celebrating a birthday, work anniversary, or other accomplishment. Incorporating candles into your work’s welcome kits or gift baskets can be an excellent way of keeping employees happy and healthy. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to stash some candles in your next corporate gift set.


1. Candles Promote Mental Wellness Through Aromatherapy

As an employer, it’s important to be aware of the state of your employees’ mental health. If you gift them candles with therapeutic scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and spearmint, your employees will be able to zen out and take a break from work to keep their mental health in check. 


2. Candles in One’s Workspace Can Promote Productivity 

Similar to some scents promoting calmness and tranquility, some candle scents can help your employees focus and get productive, even when they are at home. Peppermint, rosemary, and zesty citrus smells can inspire some of the best work and can help you hone in on whatever task is at hand!


3. Candles Can Help Remote Workers Connect to Your Company

If your employees are working remotely from home or other areas, you can help them feel connected to the company by gifting them thoughtful baskets or sets. Including candles in their favorite scent and other fun items can help your employees feel a congenial office culture without actually being in the office. 


4. Candles Are One Size Fits All

Candles are the perfect gift for your employees because they are easily giftable to just about anyone: they’re one size fits all! No need to worry about guessing someone’s preferred sweatshirt size or gift a food item while navigated each employee’s personal allergies. Candles provide an easy and uniform gift that helps all your employees relax. 


5. Candles Can Be Customized With Your Unique Brand

One of the best parts of gifting candles to your company’s staff is that you can order candles on a wholesale basis and add your own unique label or logo. This gives each candle a bit of custom pizazz specific to your brand. NaturalAnnie Essentials’ natural, hand-poured soy candles can be purchased wholesale and customized when you receive them, so your employees can enjoy the best. 

If you/ your company is looking to add our candles to your welcome kits or swag bags, reach out to us today at so we can get the process going for you.

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