As fall approaches, it’s important to break out candles that will help you welcome the new season. Autumn especially has so many scents that are specific to its time of year, and king among them is pumpkin. Pumpkin spice is so prevalent during the fall time that some may think it is overplayed, average, or “basic.” In truth, pumpkin is the most classic fall scent you can find, and it’s everywhere: from lotion, to candles, to coffee flavorings. It’s also the most essential candle for the Halloween holiday, as it elicits images of plump jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and other fun Halloween traditions. The Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg candle from NaturalAnnie Essentials is anything but basic, though, and that’s why it’s the perfect addition to your fall home décor repertoire. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg soy candle from NaturalAnnie Essentials. 



About the NaturalAnnie Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg Candle

The Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg is far from your ordinary pumpkin spice candle for fall. Decadent and sweet molasses, brown sugar, and cinnamon combine with spicy allspice and clove for a sweet but zingy autumnal season scent. Lighting this candle on a fall night is like losing yourself in a soothing, crisp fall night, surrounded by friends in a pumpkin patch. This unique Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg soy candle will bring a cozy vibe to any room in your house—no fireplace required. 


About the NaturalAnnie Essentials Difference

NaturalAnnie Essentials’ Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg candles not only smell more unique than your ordinary store-bought pumpkin spice candle, they are also made in a more thoughtful, natural way. NaturalAnnie Essentials is a Black woman-owned family owned and operated business that creates natural soy candles completely by hand. Our scent oils are 100% natural, vegan, and eco-friendly. These scent oils are not only clean, but they burn stronger than other candle oils, meaning the aroma is around for longer. All our candles have clean, 100% cotton wicks with none of the icky stuff like led, and all candles are hand-poured in our  studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 


What People Are Saying: "I don't even like pumpkin!"

It’s no secret that people love NaturalAnnie Essentials candles , especially the Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg soy candle. One reviewer, Barb, says that even though the 4oz candle is on the smaller side it “gives off an amazing warm, pumpkin smell throughout [her] whole living room and kitchen.” The staying power on this candle is no joke! Another online reviewer, Lex, says “the scent fills up [their] room.” Beyond the scent power, reviewers of the Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg candle are in love with its delicious, unique smell! Not a fan of pumpkin spice? no customer shared she tried the Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg candle and was blow away, and you guessed it, she doesn't even like pumpkin! see her reaction HERE


As you’re getting together your autumn home décor, make sure you don’t skimp on the candles. Delicious-smelling soy candles can help fill your whole house with decadent aromas that help set the mood for the whole season. They can also help you relax and unwind after a long day. Make fall a season to remember with the sweet but spicy Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg candle from NaturalAnnie Essentials!

pumpkin vanilla nutmeg soy candle for fall

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