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Candles are one of the best ways to help usher in the new seasons of the year. Some may notice the seasons changing because of the weather, or simply because of the calendar date, but candle-lovers know that the true definition of the season lies in the smell of your household candles.  Autumn is one of the best times for candles, as so many people associate the season with rich, warm, sweet scents reminiscent of the baked goods in season. NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candles come in numerous different aromas, and the collection that is perhaps most appropriate for welcoming autumn is the Baked Goods collection. If you’re looking for the best must-have candles for fall, read on for some amazing suggestions to consider. 


Brown Sugar Rum

Brown Sugar Rum is a sweet, but elevated candle scent that incorporates a delicious-smelling brown sugar and caramel fusion with spiced rum. It’s a sweet baked good candle with layers: rum with a coconutty, island flair combines with vanilla and maple for candle that absolutely wows for autumn. 

 pumpkin vanilla nutmeg fall candle

Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg

Pumpkin is the essential fall scent—and flavor. It’s in everything, from bath products, to coffee, to scones. That’s what makes Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg the most classic fall candle you can buy this season. NaturalAnnie Essentials’ Pumpkin Vanilla Nutmeg is anything but basic, though, with spicy elements from allspice and cinnamon matched with traditional pumpkin freshness. 


Butter Cream Vanilla

This candle is almost as good as licking the spoon on a batch of autumn vanilla cupcakes. The Butter Cream Vanilla soy candle helps fill your home with warmth, sweetness, and a welcoming vibe for anyone who comes over to visit you during the fall season. This candle isn’t overpowering but will make your whole house smell as sweet and cozy as a freshly baked scrumptious cake.


Cranberry Apple

The Cranberry Apple soy candle from NaturalAnnie Essentials’ Baked Goods collection is the quintessential holiday scent. The sweet and spicy cranberry, apple, clove, and vanilla scents combine to create a delicious fruit pie experience. This candle will evoke fond memories of fall and winter holidays spent with family and loved ones in your home.

 chocolate chip cookie candle for fall

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing can beat the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, but this Chocolate Chip Cookies candle comes pretty darn close. This is the perfect scent for heading into the autumn season—but chocolate chip cookies are certainly an everyday favorite. Warning: this soy candle’s aroma may cause lots and lots of watering mouths. 


Sweet Potato Pie

Just like your grandma used to make! This Sweet Potato Pie candle is a perfect combo of yams, marshmallows, and brown sugar. It’ll have you craving all the autumnal Thanksgiving favorites: turkey, cranberries, and more. The Sweet Potato Pie candle is the perfect way to set the tone as we head into the brisker fall months. 


Maple Butter Syrup

There’s nothing quite like a crisp fall morning coupled with a late breakfast of sweet, fluffy pancakes. You shouldn’t pour this Maple Butter Syrup candle on your pancake stack, but you may want to. This is the ideal candle for anyone looking to bring fall brunch vibes into their home. 

Oh the joys of fall! Shop your faves HERE!


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