Whether at home, in the dorms, or in your very own apartment, here’s what you need both in and out of class.

As the summer winds down, we’re looking forward to dropping temperatures, bonfires, and—of course—back to school season! If you or your loved one is headed back to college this fall, you’re likely curious about what essentials are needed. The necessary tools for success include more than just your standard three-ring binder. To us at NaturalAnnie Essentials, back to school season means all the best materials to help you get back in the swing of things both at home and in your Monday to Friday lectures! Here are some of the top essentials you'll need if you or your family member is headed back to school this fall. 

Stationery That Motivates

When it comes to planning out homework, extra curriculars, and social time, you want a notebook that motivates you on the path to achieving your goals. The Get Shit Done Notebook is the perfect way to do this, and to do it in a cheeky way. This 5 by 7” journal notebook comes with a matching bookmark and a secure strap closure. It’s the perfect place to jot down thoughts, do a quick brain dump before a big project, and plot out how you’ll take over the world. Because no cute journal is complete without some cute pens to complement it, consider picking up the Creating 3 Pack Pen Set and Overthinking 3 Pack Pen Set to match your Get Shit Done Notebook. These adorable quote pens are retractable and feature motivational quotes printed down the side.  


Stickers That Show Off Your Personality

College is as much about learning and getting your degree as it is expressing yourself, finding new friends, and building community! What better way to do that than with delightful quote stickers to show off your personality? NaturalAnnie’s sticker collection contains phrases that totally get you, like “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing,” “Currently Unbothered,” and, because everyone should know about your love of natural hand-poured soy candles, “Candle Queen.” These stickers are perfect for adorning your laptop, notebooks, planners, water bottle, and more. 


Candles to Help You Relax or Focus

School is about more than what you do in the classroom, it’s also about the space you’re creating for yourself to focus and work hard and also to de-stress and wind down. NaturalAnnie Essentials Candles are known for their ability to help you get productive or to help calm you after a long or stressful day at school. They’re also a great way to help set the mood in your dorm or apartment if you’re having friends over on the weekends. The Quote Candles collection from NaturalAnnie also fosters a fun environment for your living space, with cute jar candles embellished with motivational or humorous quotes. The Get Shit Done Candle features a zesty blood orange scent to revitalize your mind while studying late at night, while the Currently Unbothered Candle brings the soothing scents of sea salt and sage to help you relax your mind during finals week.



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