VOTE NaturalAnnie Essentials for the 2019 Fedex Small Business Grant

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I am so excited to share that I have entered the FedexSmall Business Grant!  As a small business, this financial help can seriously take NaturalAnnie Essentials to the next level. So now through April 1st, PLEASE HELP ME WIN by voting NaturalAnnie Essentials here!

3 Ways this grant can improve our business:


  • The grant money will help me to get a dedicated space outside my home to make products. I currently take up over half of my home with the business, from the basement to the garage to a spare room in my house. A dedicated space would mean I get to give my family the full comfort of their home back. It would also allow me to work in a much warmer space during the harsh winter. Making candles in our garage is lovely, but living in Connecticut gets brutally cold, and it's not much fun having to work in the cold.


  • It will also help me to get the proper equipment I need such as an industrial wax melter to make our process more efficient. Currently, I use a stove top to melt our wax for candles, and I can only use 1 pot at a time as the electricity in our garage cannot handle more than that.


  • It will also help me grow my team by hiring help for production. As we continue to grow running all aspects of the business gets tedious. Having at least one person on staff that I can actually pay a fair wage is something I need with this growth to help get products through the door faster, and free up my time to work on the business instead of in the business.





Thank you ever so much!!


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