The Mood-Boosting Benefits of Color and Scent Therapy


Hands up, green beauty girls: who wants to ditch the drama and get back to their happy place, like right now? Whose aura is off-balance or in need of a band-aid? While we fully advocate a glass or three of Merlot as a quick pick-me-up, it's kind of *not ideal* as a long-term solution for those downbeat days.

So because I love you, I'm going to share a sassy little secret with you. Listen closely... Color and scent therapy are two of the best natural ways to shake up your mood and keep your aura glowing brightly.

Your aura - that funky vibrational field that surrounds and protects your body - changes color according to your emotions. Intrusive negative thoughts, illness, bad juju... these can all block the flow of energy, making you feel like actual garbage. 

This is not hippy-trippy mumbo-jumbo so quit that trash-talking, you in the back there! Aromatherapy and color therapy have been used since ancient times for their bounteous benefits. When these two mystical marvels collide, magical things happen. No kidding! See below, doubters:


  • The combo of scent and color unblocks your aura's energy flow
  • Citrus scents and juicy orange can lift a low mood and alleviate negative feelings
  • How 'bout eucalyptus oil and Zen green to boost energy levels, focus, and productivity?
  • Ylang ylang and purple shades are your armor against anxiety and also encourage compassion
  • Spicy cranberry scents + fiery red = unstoppable you!

naturalannie essentials Mood-Boosting Benefits of Color and Scent Therapy

When scent and color therapy interplay and work in harmony with one another, they help you feel more like your sparkling self. The combo is like your aura's new BFF; it's got your back, it makes you happy, and it'll tell you straight when you're being a drama queen. Spiritual enlightenment can actually be achieved by wearing colorful clothing, filling your home with our clean burning scented soy candles and fun accessories, or by using vibrant natural beauty products packed with essential oils.

 And it just so happens, you can find all those things in my fabulous online store! Is Annie good to you or what?

 What’s that one color or scent that always gets you out of a funky mood? Share below!

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