How I Grew My Hair With Essential Oils

...Call It Happy Edges!

Sometimes if we’d care a bit less of what others think of us we’d have all the things. In this case, I’d have all the pics with my bald edges- but who takes pics like that!? Certainly not my 28 year old self. 

What is "Happy Edges" & where did the name come from?

Happy Edges is my all natural essential oil blend created with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and castor oil. Daily use of Happy Edges aids in the strengthening and regrowth of your precious edges. The blend also helps to reduce breakage and dry itchy scalp.

In 2014 I gave birth to my daughter Tiffany. Back then I wore only weaves, however while I was pregnant I wanted something with very low maintenance so I opted for micro braids. Once it was done the most i'd have to do was throw it in a bun.

how i regrew my hair with essential oils

Well things didn't work out as smoothly as I'd planned. The summer was hot and being 7 months pregnant in the heart of summer with micro braids was no fun....clearly I didn't think this one through. I was miserable. One day I was so irritated by the braids and the heat, and being pregnant and swollen, a few of the braids got caught onto some fabric. Being very aggravated, I yanked it so hard pulling out a few of the micro braids,  FROM MY EDGES #epicfail. I didn't care much about it then until after I had the baby and decided it was time for me to go natural and do the big chop. Lets just say having much shorter hair didn't really help with hiding my edges, not entirely cute.

I was so over "hiding" and thinking about what other people would say about MY hair. How they'd react to me going back to my natural hair, all of it, I was over it and decided the only thing I was about to be worried about enough to change, were my edges, and that I did.

how i regrew my edges with happy edges

(I searched long and hard and was able to find 4 photos shown above of my edgeless days.)

Around this time my essential oils obsession was in full effect, then I had a bright idea - why not make an oil concoction for my hair! After consulting my essential oils bible I came up with the three perfect essential oils to bring my hairline back to life: Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary. My carrier oil of choice was my all time favorite - castor oil. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries because of their amazing benefits. They are also extremely beneficial for hair care due to their soothing, moisturizing, and growth properties.

After using my blend religiously after a month I started to see significant changes. I kept on using my new found hair potion, and started calling it "Happy Edges", because truth be told, I was over the moon happy to see my hair was growing again because of this mix of oils. My hair grew nicely, my 4c natural hair, might I add, grew nicely contrary to popular beliefs that natural hair hardly grows, and people started to notice my hair, girl what!?

happy edges hair growth oil for edges

A year after my beautiful growth, one night in a business class I was enrolled in, a lady came up to me an inquired if i'd like to be in a photoshoot. Her friend owned a salon and was doing a shoot and needed ladies with natural hair. She though my hair was the perfect match for what she needed - come through Annie!

naturalannie essentials happy edges

Take control of YOUR edges...

Sometime we need to take matters into our own hand. As a weave wearing woman for many years, this wasn't the first time I've gone "edgeless". It's like a never ending cycle once it starts: cute weave for a few months, weave sometimes stays in too long, or weave damages the hairline because it was installed too tight - hair breaks off, install more weave to hide breakage, wear wigs to cover breakage, and the cycle continues. Whatever the reason, once we're in that cycle and we find our edges either rips off totally or starts to thin out - immediately we want to cover it because it is not cute! however, covering it up with more weaves or wigs really only makes it worse. We need to take action to recover what we lost. We need to let our scalp breathe, treat it and let it regrow.

I was that girl who'd cover her edges, but that girl has found herself and the potion to transform her edges to happiness and is helping others to find their "Happy Edges".

Happy hair growth!! 


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