Celebrate Galentine’s Day This Year With Plenty of Self Care

Each year, on February 13th, we celebrate Galentine’s Day! You read that right—Galentine’s with a G, not Valentine’s with a V. Galentine’s Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating your closest female friends. Your gal pal’s have been with you through it all, and let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere! Why let romantic partners get all the hubbub during February? Celebrating your female friends is integral to your mental health and the strength of your friendships. Giving yourself and your girlfriends some products and experiences that will aid in their self care journey is a great idea for Galentine’s Day. This is especially important if you or the other gals in your friend group are single, and don’t care much for Valentine’s Day. Getting gifts that help set the tone for self care will help all your gal pals remember what strong, independent, and intelligent women they are all by themselves—no partner needed. If you want to do it right this Galentine’s Day, here are some self care products and experiences that you can gift to them or to yourself!


Ylang Ylang & Rose Soy Candle

If you want a sweet-smelling gift for yourself or for a special gal in your life on Galentine’s Day, the Ylang Ylang & Rose Soy Candle from NaturalAnnie Essentials is a great idea. Ylang Ylang & Rose is a combination of unique herbaceous tones, soft floral scents, and a bit of fruitiness. It’s a girly, romantic, distinctly “pink” smelling candle that is perfect for any gal pal to whom you want to show love and gratitude. 

ylang ylang rose soy candle for galentines day gift

Citrus Bliss Coy Candle

Another great candle gift option is the NaturalAnnie Essentials Citrus Bliss Soy Candle. This candle is both soothing and energizing & combines the revitalizing properties of zesty citrus aromas with the calming tranquility of bergamot. Skip the expensive day spa and escape into the refreshing experience that is our Citrus Bliss soy candle.

citrus bliss soy candle for valentines day gift 

Sip and Pour Candle Making Experience

If you really want to treat your girls right so you can have a Galentine’s Day experience that people in relationships only wish they could have, you can’t go wrong with a NaturalAnnie Essentials’ Sip and Pour Candle Making Experience. These intimate, limited space events in the NaturalAnnie Studio are the perfect place for gal pals to bond over a new experience: making their own hand-poured candles!

sip and pour candle making experience bridgeport ct

Having a new experience and learning something new together is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your relationship with someone. Plus, one of the best things about the Sip And Pour events is that you get to drink wine while you make your candles. This cozy, romantic, boozy candle making session is going to be just the thing to make your Galentine’s Day one to remember. 

Candle Bar location: 1313 Connecticut Ave, 2-13, Bridgeport CT 06607

Studio Phone #: 203.549.1101

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