Every February, we spend the entire month as a country and as a culture celebrating Black History Month. Though Black history is integral to our collective history in any point in the year, it’s important to dedicate a special period of time to celebrate, educate ourselves, and reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of Black people in America. If you’re looking to give back this month in honor of Black History Month, look to NaturalAnnie Essentials. Here’s what you should know about Black History Month, NaturalAnnie Essentials, and our line of Be the Change candles and products. 


What is Black History Month and Why Do We Celebrate It?

The month of February is Black History Month, dedicated to celebrating the tribulations and the triumphs of Black and African Americans. The month was first celebrated in 1915, nearly 50 years after the abolition of slavery. At that time, it was only one week of celebration, but in 1976, then president Gerald Ford commemorated the entire month of February to the cause. Each year since then, we as a country celebrate Black History Month as a way of giving back to the Black population and remember the struggles of Black Americans throughout history, as well as the struggles that endure to this day. It is customary to educate oneself on Black history, as well as to spend the month giving back through service and financial support. 


Support Black-Owned Business During Black History Month

One of the best ways to properly celebrate Black History Month is by supporting Black-owned businesses. What better way than purchasing fine self-care products from NaturalAnnie Essentials, a Black- female-owned candle company! NaturalAnnie Essentials is Black woman-owned and family operated, and produces fine candles and products in Annie’s very own candle studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her small candle business started in a basement, and has blossomed into a candle brand sold in over 600 locations in the United States and around the world. Choosing to support NaturalAnnie Essentials over a mass retailer or corporation directly supports a small, Black female-owned business, which is an easy and impactful switch to make during Black History Month!


Be the Change Collection

The Be the Change Collection from NaturalAnnie Essentials is a collection of natural soy candles with a special edition Be the Change label and logo. The candles come in a variety of scents, and each time one is purchased, NaturalAnnie gives a percentage of the profit to a rotating Black organization or charity. The Be the Change Collection reinforces NaturalAnnie’s commitment to creating powerful, positive, and impactful change in the world. As a Black and female-owned company, NaturalAnnie Essentials’ understands the importance of standing with the Black community and helping to fight injustices that Black people face each day. 


This Black History Month, give back by supporting a Black woman-owned business, and help support other Black organizations too! Purchasing a Be the Change candle is a powerful—and sweet-smelling!—way to give back.


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