Where can I use candles?

Where can i use my candles you ask! It is no secret that candles do create a mood and ambiance in the home. Here are a few place we love buring our scented soy candles:


The all-time favorite spot. Not just great for relaxing, it’s also great for neutralizing undesirable odors.

Bathroom candle we recommend: Eucalyptus & Spearmint. Get it HERE.


Set the mood with the perfect candle (just make sure you don’t fall asleep while your candle’s lit!).

bedroom candleBedroom candle we recommend: Ylang Ylang & Rose Get it HERE.


Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with the natural odor-neutralizing powers of our candles.

kitchen candles

Kitchen candle we recommend: Citrus Bliss. Get it HERE. 

Backyard or Porch

Perfect on those nice nights when you’ve just finished dinner and now relaxing at the porch.

 patio candle nag champa

Porch candle we recommend: Nag Champa. Get it HERE. 

Home Office

Work is work, but no one says it has to be boring! Light up a candle to give you that work boost!

home office candle


Office candle we recommend: Island Vibes. Get it HERE. 

As always, light candles in a safe spot and don’t leave them unattended.


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