5 Steps To Vacation Vibes!

NaturalAnnie Essentials island vibes

The Island Vibes Collection is like a ray of sunshine for your skin! You'll go (coco)nuts for this lushly-scented line of products; they're fun, fruity, and bursting with nourishing exotic goodness intentionally made  to make you smell good, look good, and feel good. But then again all our products are made with that intention... if i'm being really honest hahhh! 

It's just 5 steps to a vacay vibes!

1. Light a Soy Candle or three and let this aroma transport you to palm-tree-lined shores. 

If you like Piña Coladas... (hahahah did you just sing that too?! lol) you'll fall crazy in love with this totally tropical scent. Fun 'n' fruity with a touch of sugary sweetness, this all-natural soy candle is bursting with luscious, tantalizing aromas. Creamy coconut and zesty citrus fruits are fused with a sassy shot of rum for the perfect grown-up/laid-back balance.

Escape to your fantasy island - no passport required. Close your eyes and - trust - you'll be picturing yourself strolling along soft white sands, flaunting an Insta-glam swimsuit, with a shirtless Idris Elba ready with the sunscreen. Bliss!

fruity soy candle

2. Is your complexion looking dull, drab, and less than fab? Is beauty sleep something you can only dream of? Then get a little spicy and smooth with the Turmeric Glow Face Mask to transform your complexion from lackluster to lovely. This marvelous mask will clean up your clogged pores and have dry flaky skin running for cover, giving you back your long-lost luminosity.

Turmeric is a super-spice, boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It's also an exfoliant that helps even out skin tone and texture to restore your radiance. Become BFFs with this mask and trade your tired skin for a bright 'n' beaming complexion... now glow on girl!

turmeric face mask

3. While that's working its magic, try the triple-whammy of the Body Scrub, Body Wash, and Body Butter to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and help your stresses dissipate.

  • The Body ScrubThis mood-boosting, mind-blowing body scrub is essentially like a tropical fruit smoothie with a naughty hit of rum punch. Yummy! It's a super-fun, super-scrumptious skin care scent that'll whisk you away to your happy place in a flash. The fruity, sugary blend of coconut, pineapple, tangerine, banana, and melon will give you Club Tropicana vibes for sure! Get a taste of the exotic as you scrub away dull, dry skin to reveal your goddess glow. It's lush 'n' lightweight and is literally crammed with sugar grains that care for your skin, gently and naturally. 
  • The Body Wash: This magical blend of essential oils in our Island Breeze Body Wash will transport you to the exotic places from your dreams. True story. The potent, exhilarating aroma helps rejuvenate your mind and body so you're totally ready to face life's dramas.
  • The Body Butter: Luxurious yet lightweight, this easily-absorbed body butter is your new desert island essential. It provides an intense hydration hit to make your skin super-soft with a dream gleam, while the cocktail-tastic fragrance will give you tropical getaway inspo

island vibes body wash body butter and body wash

4. Perfect your pout with the Coconut Cream Lip Scrub. The hardest part of using this scrub is trying not to eat it! The coconut cream is seriously delicious. This  lip scrub help maintain soft lips, remove dry, dead skin and leftover makeup! 

coconut cream sugar lip scrub

5. Roll on and Glow on *glow-getters* ! strut your sparkly stuff with the Tropical Shimmer Roll On Body Oil. This shimmering body oil will make the boys go "whaa??!" Dripping with liquid stardust, it'll turn you into a Gleam Queen and no mistake. Your skin will be intensely nourished and hydrated while showcasing enough sparkle, You'll be the cutest castaway in your desert island dreams!

This exotic oil packs a (rum) punch with a heavenly cocktail of creamy dreamy coconut and eye-popping citrus notes. Application is easy-breezy: just roll on and glow on! Add a sprinkling of sparkle to your shoulders, collarbone, and décolletage... then shine on.

 tropical shimmer body oil

This collection is hugely inspired by my roots and the very rural Jamaican village I grew up in. The older generations of women in my family had plant-based skincare sussed even back then! Life was idyllic, pleasures were simple. The essence of that little slice of paradise flows like a waterfall through this perfectly-curated collection of beauty treats.







I love the idea of lighting a candle to transport myself to an island! I’ve also be meaning to pick up and try a lip scrub-it sounds so refreshing! I’ll have to give this one a try!


Lighting a candle can immediately take me elsewhere!


Naturals are my thing and I am familiar with Island life. These will definitely bring back memories of the lifestyle.


These products sound amazing! The aromas you described bring back so many childhood memories of the summers I spent in Puerto Rico with my family.


What great products! I can see how they can put you in vacation mode. Thank you for sharing!

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