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It's all fun and games until sh*t gets real!

You missed the deadline to order your out of stock items, shipping day is here and you are sick as a puppy, the school just called and now you have to drop everything and run to pick up your little one. IT HAPPENS! and as a mom boss or girl boss, whichever title you prefer, we have to be ok with it. Flexibility is the name of the game and it's imperative we learn to adjust as needed.

As women's history month is upon us, I wanted to share some of the joys and struggles of being a female entrepreneur/mompreneur from women out here doing the damn thing!

So I asked these lovely ladies, what's one thing that brings you the utmost joy of being an entrepreneur and what's a struggle you often face:

Mary Hunter shared:

The joys,

"I am elated knowing that my grind on my 9-5 and hustle as an aspiring entrepreneur will provide more than I had growing up. While my upbringing was exceptional, knowing I’m setting my son up for success in life on a financial level is the one thing that makes it all worth it. "

However #TheStruggleIsReal ....

"Because I am a very ambitious 9-5’er, I feel at times I miss precious moments. When I have the opportunity to spend extended weekends (for example 3 day weekday due to paid holidays) I make extra special plans for my son and I."

Mary is a wife, mother, and lifestyle blogger. Deff check out her blog and Instagram below as she's creating all the things!


IG: @maryf.hunter
girl boss lifestyle and struggles
Angeline shared: 
The Joys,

"Being able to provide a better life for my daughter. Both me and my husband joined the military because we would not have been able to afford college on our own, and have had to work extremely hard to get where we are. I take a lot of pride in knowing that I am providing enough financial security for her that she will never have to take drastic measures purely because of financial stress. She will be able to choose what to do with her life and have all options open."

However #TheStruggleIsReal ....

"Balance. There's only so many hours in the day, and I sometimes have to sacrifice what would be family time in order to focus on my clients or marketing. Any imbalance makes keeping that motivation hard, and this always leads to guilt. Feeling like I'm a "bad mom" because I am striving for something that is out of the box. But I always land back on my joy of creating my business and know that I am playing the long game here for success. 

Angeline wears many hats, she is a finance coach, mom, Puggle owner, Navy Veteran, accounting professional, business student and resident Nespresso addict. Jeeze, YES GIRL, you are doing all the things!


IG: @dear_eladia

 female entrepreneur struggles

Michelle shared:

The Joys,

"One joy of being a mom that works from home is the ability to make my own hours so that I can always be there for my daughters’ special moments."

However #TheStruggleIsReal ....

" One negative of being a mom boss is the expectation of a discount from friends and family for goods and/or services instead of paying full price and truly supporting your work."

You can find some great tips and resources over on Michelle's blog!


IG: @mami_works

mom entrepreneur

Across the board, we are not all that different!  We love what we do, we love the outcome that will eventually leave our families in a much greater position, but YES the struggle is real! Balancing it all is a rollercoaster, and mom guilt is never seems to go away. It is one that I've personally struggled with although I know my girls are OK. 

What is something you struggle with as a mompreneur? How do you overcome it? I'd love if you'd share it with me below because we can all strengthen each other, YOU GOT IT GIRL!



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