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In times like these, we can either choose to overload our brains with what the media is spewing at us or lean on your community and stay uplifted, entertained and encouraged. We choose to do the latter.

While not ignoring the seriousness of what is happening around us, it was fun to escape the harsh realities of either losing loved ones, and/or being self quarantined to come together with a few of our candle loving friends and create this TikTok video as apart of the #norushchallenge .

One of our ladies had this to say:

"This was so fun, and definitely lifted my spirits this weekend! Annie's candles are amazing and she is constantly finding ways to pour into her community and give back to her customers.

This is how we, a small business choose to build and uplift our community as we continue to stay home and stay safe. Lots of fun was had during the making of this video!

Meet the celebs who joined in on our #norushchallenge from Instagram: @mwooding @keishaadinkra @ariannavelezphotography @majourkey @more.than.miles @cornerofmynook @ballsofbeautyblog @duanecia And special thank you credits to our director & editor 🎥 @keishaadinkra ! 

We own the rights to these candles but not the music 🤪 .


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    soy candles during the coronavirus to relax at home




    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    thomas fenix

    thomas fenix




    I have been a customer for a while, but this video and all of the gifts to first responders has all made this one of my favorite brands. Not only do I like the product I like the people behind the product and the customers of the product. This is the kid of tribe I want to be a part of. Thank you for being so positive during this difficult time.

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