How To Remove Wax And Reuse Your NaturalAnnie Essentials Candle Jars

how to clean and reuse candle jar when candle is finished

Who doesn’t love candles! The fragrance and the beauty is bliss, not forgetting to mention the amazing vibe you get with them. Different kinds of candles trigger various blissful energies around you and everything is elevated if the candle jar is beautiful! Don’t you agree?

But the question remains- what do you do with the candle jars once the candle has finished? Isn’t it painful to see these beauties getting wasted and having to dispose of them? Even if you don’t dispose of them, what are you going to do with so many empty candle jars? Especially since our amber soy candle jar is something you just can’t let go!


How To Clean Out Your Jar?

When it comes to candle jars, how to remove the wax from candle jar is one of the most common questions we get. Before you reuse the jar, it is very essential to remove the remaining wax. If you think that doing so is a tricky task, you must read ahead to find out how simple it is actually!

There are two methods when it comes to removing wax from candle jars. Both the methods differ drastically but can help you get your candle jar spick and span!

The oven method

All of you know that heat melts candles fast. Isn’t it obvious! Well, the oven can help you a lot in cleaning your candle jars. This method is very simple and very quick. All you have to do is just place the jar in the oven at the minimum temperature and heat it till the wax melts. You’ll understand when it is done as there is no specific timing. The amount of wax in each jar may vary. So all you have to do is let your jar get heated in the oven till the wax melts and then carefully take the jar out of the oven. Be very careful at this moment and take care of your hands. Next, you can just pour the wax into the trash, or my personal fave is to pour this melted wax into a wax warmer to enjoy the final remains of your candle,  and then wipe the jar, especially the insides, with a cloth. Also, don’t forget to remove the wick holder. You can do so with the help of a spoon or a fork. Both are equally useful. Wipe it clean. Now your jar is ready to be washed with water and then wiped dry to be reused again.

The Freezer Method

Did you know that wax freezes too! Well, the freezer can help you tremendously in cleaning your jars. This step is simple but will take a little longer than the previous method.

Place your jar in the freezer and wait for the wax to freeze. Once you notice that the wax has frozen, the next step is to take out the jar from the freezer and remove the wax. Wondering how? Well, this is simple but you have to be extremely careful!

You can remove the wax or better said, chip it off with a spoon or something like that. You must be very careful here. You have to have a very gentle hand while removing the wax and make sure that the edge of your spoon doesn’t harm the walls of the glass. Remember to remove the wick holder too with a fork or a spoon. Wash and dry the glass jar and it is ready to be used again.

How to reuse candle jar?

Our amber candle jars are beautiful and if you are an art lover or just love beautiful things around you, reusing your candle jars is such a good option!


You heard that right! very out of the box, but our amber jars can also serve as a great jar for your teas, smoothies, or favorite beverage.

A lovely vase

The best use you can make of a candle jar is turning it into a vase. This method is simple and adds tremendous aesthetic beauty to your surroundings. Also, you must remember that these jars are small and cannot hold much. Thus, they can make excellent holders for fresh flowers.


A lovely pen stand

A good looking study table is so attractive, isn’t it? Organizing your stationery can be fun and what’s better than a lovely pen stand that holds all your pens and other stuff while giving your table that amazing look! You can also paint the jar with colors or use a funky theme to paint it. Using stickers is another way to decorate your pen stand.

A good make-up holder

Though this sounds a little different, you will be amazed to see how well these candle jars can help you keep your make up together! Wondering how to use them for this purpose? All you need to do is collect all the same kind of stuff in one place. This will add a very gracious and unique look to your make-up place.

The larger candle jars are a very good way of keeping all your make-up brushes in place. The smaller ones can be used to keep your cotton pads.

Small plants, tremendous beauty!

Who doesn’t love small succulents? If you are a plant lover and love to have greenery around you, you will be well aware of the fact that small tiny plants around you help you feel so good and also give your room a very beautiful feeling. You can use your old jars by planting tiny plants. Also, if you plan to keep these plants inside your room where sunlight might not be sufficient, you can always go for plants that require less sun.

A lovely way to store your craft supplies

All those colorful markers and pencils can be put in a big candle jar. The tiny jars are an excellent way to store different kinds of pins and other decorations. Using candle jars to store you craft supplies not only helps you keep everything organized but ensures that your craft supplies are not stored in a shabby manner. You can also label these jars or decorate them to give it that crafty look.

Repurposing candle jars is an excellent way of making good use of those beauties that your heart doesn’t let you get rid of.


Bonus Tip!

Did you know you can also reuse our Thoughts Collection labels? Yes, you sure can! simply peel your label from the corner of the label gently and use as a sticker on your laptop, wall, book, or wherever you like to get a dose of humor or inspiration.


Have an idea of how to repurpose our candle jar? drop them in the comments below, we'd love to hear about it!


How To Remove Wax And Reuse Your NaturalAnnie Essentials Candle Jars

How To Remove Wax And Reuse Your NaturalAnnie Essentials Candle Jars












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