At this point, most small business owners are aware that their social media presence will impact their long-term success just as much as anything else. While word of mouth and other traditional marketing methods still have their place, there is no denying the impact social media can have on a business’s influence and revenue. 

how to grow your candle business with social media

As a candle business owner or candle maker,  you’ve found yourself in a niche industry. While niche businesses might seem tricky to market at first, once you get the social media essentials down, you’ll have no problem marketing your business across all platforms. 

It’s time to dive into the critical tips and tricks for marketing your candle business on social media. 

Establish Your Brand 

Your candle making business has its own unique brand. Your brand can be identifiable by a number of different factors – maybe it’s location? Community? Brand colors? There is more than one way to make your brand stand out. 

Once you’ve established what makes your brand stand out, it’s time to establish where your brand stands out. Social media is king in the 21st century, but you don’t want to waste your efforts on the wrong platforms. Stick to the three platforms most likely to build your brand the fastest – Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

how to grow your candle business with social media


Keep Customers Engaged 

After you’ve successful attracted an audience to your brand, the next step is to keep them engaged. This is where you can begin to build a community around your brand and business. 

Think about which aspects of your candle company are most fascinating. Don’t be afraid to show your audience a peek behind the scenes. Better yet, share your story about what it was like to start a candle company in the first place. Your business doesn’t have to be one-dimensional – you can help people make candles (like we do here with our candle bar) and teach the business model all in the same day (like we do here with our 1:1 consulting calls)!

how to grow your candle business with social media

Maintain a Constant Presence

Your candle company has the opportunity to find incredible growth on social media, but that doesn’t negate any of the hard work it takes to post regularly and effectively. Keeping your social media profiles updated with consistent, quality content is what’s going to allow you to standout from competitors. 

A consistent presence not only pleases the almighty social media algorithms, but it keeps your audience happy too! 

Maintain a Constant Presence

Capitalize on Proven Strategies 

From making your brand standout to maintaining consistency across all platforms, finding the most effective ways to run your social media can be tough. As you are already well aware, the candle making industry is one of a kind, and as such, a candle maker’s marketing efforts must be one of a kind too. 

how to grow your candle business with social media

If you are looking for straightforward marketing strategies that you can apply to your candle business today, be sure to check out all the resources we have at NaturalAnnie Essentials. Our Kitchen to Studio services is our collection of candle maker guides and resources for makers looking to start, grow or scale their candle business. We offer a collection of e-Books and 1:1 consulting calls.

On your own, establishing your brand and growing your business can be difficult. But with the right information and tools, you’ll take your business to candle-making stardom in no time!

how to grow your candle business with social media

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