Gifts For Her

The holidays can be an extremely stressful time especially when it comes to gifting for us women.  What should I get for mom? I always get my friend something that she ends up wanting so bad to regift, I wonder what Alex at work would like? and it goes on and on! Well I'm here to take that stress away for you. This may very well be the holiday you buy meaning gifts that these ladies will like and actually use. Trust me there's no greater feeling than giving someone a gift and you see them using it constantly. 
For Mom:
We all know she is always in overdrive, treat mom to an in home spa treatment with our Relax Bath & Body Set! 
For Sis:
She's all about caring for her hair but is always in a rush- girl where you going?! .She's also not one to play with her edges #happyedges #happylife.  Treat her to hair care on the go with our Happy Edges hair growth oil and Hair and body spray combo ,  she'll be pumped about the t-shirt too! 
For The Bestie:
She has started her clean beauty journey... finally! and you know she'll need these essentials along the way. Here's to you gifting the basics to go in her beauty pouch: Face wash + Face Butter , face scrub, and face oil. I mean, you are the kind of woman every girl needs in her corner!
For The Co-workers:
Stephanie from accounting is always admiring how unrealistically smooth your lipstick is.
We know exfoliated and moisturized lips are essential for the perfect lipstick application and you're about to let her in on the secret with the lip balm and lip scrub combo. Be sure to send her the link to Get Softer Lips In under 10 mins so she can see it's legit!
Don't forget your girl Alex now, she holds it down for you whenever you need to run out of the office for an emergency, show her you appreciate her with this Self Care Sunday mug. Don't be surprised if it becomes her new fave office mug.
For My Candle Loving Self:
Don't forget to treat YOU!
Honey I know shopping is hard, and no one wants to be out stressing through the crowds, but at some point you're going to need some fresh groceries so grab your fave reusable tote bag and stockup on some food. Don't forget the wine now because you will need it once you get back and jump in your candles & wine t-shirt   all cozy on the couch with your favorite NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candle lit, it's  about to be that kinda night.
I hope this helps you on your holiday shopping journey! Quick and easy meaningful gifts that won't leave you broke for the holidays.

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