Gift Ideas For Boss Day!

Some are exceptional and some you just want to have multiple seats! somewhere along the way we've all had them. I've personally had a few bad apples in my boss baskets but can truly say I had one that was more a mentor to me than a boss- and for that, I'll always be grateful, so let's focus on them!

October 16th is celebrated as National Boss’s Day. I seriously had no idea this day existed until a friend of mine gifted me a mug a few years back that said: "girl boss getting shit done". It's been on my calendar since. So whether you have a boss, is a boss we have something for you!

So how do you say Thank You?
✔️Gift certificates
= boring & predictable

Ok, just kidding, but it would be more fun and creative with a thought candle! If your workplace is casual and fun, you may want to consider these, there's a thought and scent for everyone on the team!

Get Shit Done

For the boss that's humourous & loves to joke around with their employees. He/she makes the mood light in the workplace and is totally cool when someone blurts out, ok now, let's get shit done!

get shit done girlboss

Currently Overthinking

For the boss that's doing all the things but constantly worry they are doing it wrong. Always has her head to her palms and making loud sighs. 

currently overthinking

Creating All The Things

This one is for your girl boss friend who is always making something! She's good at it and is a creative genius. 

creating all the things

Winning Right Now! IDK About later

For my fellow mom bosses rocking their businesses and raising babies! One moment you feel you have it all together then a few minutes later it's total chaos. Enjoy those 5 minutes of awesomeness mama! 

winning right now idk about later candle

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing!

We're all out here trying to figure things out because everything is "figureoutable" right! This boss has no idea admitting that and is all about working through things together with the team.

i have no idea what im doing

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