Different things Jamaicans Use Candles For

One thing is for certain when it comes to Jamaicans - they will find multiple ways to use any product! 

As our fellow Jamaican friend Julie Mango outlines, these are some things Jamaicans will use a scented candle for:

1. Bible Reading Companion

It is a common practice for Jamaicans to use candles while reading their bible

2. When light gone:

Translation : when you loose electricity 

Jamaicans will forget every candle they have until light gone. A very popular practice in Jamaica as the island often looses power and there are still very rural parishes without consistent electricity.

3. Mek di place smell nice

Translation: make your home smell good

Candles are used worldwide to freshen up the space with fragrance and to help remove the smell of food after cooking.

4. Set the mood

We can't deny candles are romantic and truly set the mood.

5. Trusted companion in times of fear

When it comes to being scared you can find a Jamaican hiding in a corner with a candle to keep safe.

6. Cut & Clear Crosses

Translation: get rid of bad spirits

Like sage, candles are used in Jamaica to ward off evil spirits and obeah

7. Praise & Worship

Nothing says praise & worship like candles! you'll always find candles in a Jamaican church or wherever they gather to worship.

8. As decoration

Jamaicans are well known for saving and storing their best chinas, best clothes, and candles! These are usually their prized possessions and no one is ever allowed to touch or use them.

9. Play with the wax

it is not fully understood or known why Jamaicans usually pour drops of melted candle wax into their hands to test how hot the wax is. May be its for fun, we'll never know!

10. As gifts

We all know candles makes the perfect gift, and you'll find a Jamaican delivering candles or other items when visiting someone's home.

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