Citrus Bliss Soy Candle Review

Today we are on the editors desk at Style Verify and couldn't be more excited to have Nicola their Creative Director try our Citrus Bliss Soy Candle!

"This candle made our office smell amazing and the burn time is satisfying. We burned Citrus Bliss for eight days straight for about four hours or more a day and still have not used up half of it. That's a huge deal. "



Our citrus bliss candle consists of zesty blood orange and bittersweet grapefruit combined with blissful bergamot, and natural oils to revitalize your senses. Tantalizingly tangy, it will recharge your emotional energies and snap you out of your stress coma. It's not too sweet and not too sour, with delicate green herbal undertones to complement the refreshing citrus scent.

Try it here!


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