Be Intentional About Your Self Care. Naturalannie essentials candles

If part of your new year’s resolution for 2022 is to be more intentional about your self care, you may want to consider revamping your candle inventory and your candle usage. Candles can provide tons of different mental health and self care benefits, aside from just smelling nice. A high-quality candle can provide aromatherapy benefits, creating feelings of calm, tranquility, stress relief, or even productivity. If you choose candles that make you feel good and that you enjoy the smell of, you can create an oasis in any room in your house that helps you feel safe and comfortable. Making a cozy, warm, great-smelling space is a wonderful step toward being intentional and effective with your self care. If you’re looking for soy candle recommendations that will help you with your self care resolutions, here are three excellent choices. 


Nag Champa

The beautiful, earthy aroma of nag champa has therapeutic properties that are perfect for any self care session. This Nag Champa Soy Candle is all-natural, hand-poured, and burns clean. The musky vanilla scent features a touch of geranium spice for a candle that brings serious depth. Nag champa has been shown to reduce stress, compliment calming exercise like yoga or meditation, enhance creativity, and even purify the air of the space it’s burned in. This makes it the perfect companion to anyone looking for a bit more Zen in their self care routine. 


Ginger & Sandalwood

Looking for a way to up your stress reduction and mood boosting game? This Ginger & Sandalwood Soy Candle is just the ticket. Ginger is deep, spicy, and intoxicating—an unbeatable aroma for any relaxing space. Sandalwood is another beneficial aroma if you’re wanting to bliss out. Sandalwood has many soothing properties, such as anti-inflammation and wound healing. It’s also been shown to help manage anxiety. You can breathe easy knowing that this NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candle is clean and uses non-toxic natural oils. 



Currently Unbothered

If you want a candle for your self care goals that truly embodies what you are striving for, it’s all about the Currently Unbothered Soy Candle. This candle is like a master class in blissing out and letting what comes, come. It’s also got a great scent, of course. Fresh, clean sea salt combines with aromatic and herbaceous sage for a beachy scent you won’t soon forget. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and melt away to some far-off shore in the sunshine. This is the perfect candle accompaniment to deep meditation and visualization, and the elements of sage can help cleanse the energy around you. 


Self care has numerous mental health and even physical health benefits, so it’s no wonder you have it at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. Whatever self care looks like to you, from smashing your goals to taking a restful Friday night in, you could use an aromatic candle to help guide and strengthen you. NaturalAnnie Essentials soy candles are a great way to compliment your self care routine. 

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