Amplifying Black-owned businesses on TikTok

NaturalAnnie Essentials + Shopify + Tik Tok is our latest brand collaboration that we are super proud of and excited for.

When the Shopify/TikTok team reached out to us to participate in their #SHOPBLACK initiative we were thrilled to join the campaign, and it gave us a good excuse to keep spending time on TikTok , follow us on TikTok HERE to see how much fun we are having over there.

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The Black creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and brand partners on TikTok have touched people around the world, and they have helped make TikTok the joyful and creative community we aspire to be. We continue to work every day to create a supportive environment for the Black community on TikTok and are committed to elevating and supporting Black voices, businesses, and causes both on the platform and in the communities around us.

Today we're proud to launch Support Black Businesses, an online hub where Black entrepreneurs can learn about TikTok's ongoing partnerships and initiatives that drive awareness, support and patronage of their businesses. This hub builds upon our broader efforts to promote inclusivity in entrepreneurship, including committing $500K to the Accion Opportunity Fund this summer to provide relief to Black small business owners impacted by COVID-19. However, with nearly 121,500 Black-owned businesses in the US we know there's more work needed to address the economic disparities Black entrepreneurs face today.


We're also introducing #ShopBlack, an in-app campaign that amplifies and celebrates Black-owned businesses. Starting on November 10th, the TikTok community will be invited to participate in the #ShopBlack hashtag challenge by creating videos that spotlight their favorite Black-owned businesses, or by sharing their own story as a Black entrepreneur.

More than 40 Black Shopify merchants across the US and Canada will be featured on the Support Black Businesses website, and from November 10-15 the TikTok community will be able to explore their businesses and products through the #ShopBlack hashtag and branded effect.


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