Recovering From Vacation Blues

We take vacations to de-stress unwind, and if you are like me, have sips of wine carefree.

But what happens when you return from vacation?

All too often, the end of a vacation is accompanied with Mr. Vacation-blues and Mrs. WorkOverload-stress.

Whether you are an employee or an independent business owner, returning from vacation typically leaves you feeling like you need another vacation from the return.

3 useful tips that can help you ease back into your “normal life” to stress those vacation blues away

1. Before you leave for your trip, be sure to organize your return
We don’t typically think about what life will be like when we return to our normal lives. We are usually too concerned with packing that perfect bathing suit, or making sure we get to the airport on time to find a seat with a charger for our devices. Something that I have found helpful upon returning from vacation is having a schedule for myself so I know what emails need to be answered first, and what tasks need to be prioritized at home so that you can actually see my bedroom floor. Yes I know the thought of scheduling may make you cringe, but even if it’s a simple to do list for your return will be useful. Trust me!

2. Plan your next vacation before your first vacation is over 

If you are great with your finances or at least capable of having vacation funds, why not plan your next trip? We work entirely way too hard to neglect the desires of our hearts. Don’t make your last vacation your “last” vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to before the end of your next vacation. This way when you are back at work your subconscious mind will be motivated to work towards that much needed vacation.

3. Make your home smell like tranquility!
I don’t know about you all, but I love candles and incents. Did you know that our sense of smell is connected to our emotions? When you smell something it connects to the olfactory bulb in your brains which then connects to your hippocampus which is partially responsible for your emotions?

One of the first things I do when I get home from a vacation is light one of my favorite candles to evoke a sense of peace. Because I try my hardest to live a holistic lifestyle. I try to aim for candles that are all natural and don’t have those crazy toxins. I aim for brands like Naturalannie Essentials, or Mountain Rose Herbs.
NaturalAnnie Essentials jasmine and rose soy candle

Hopefully these tips will help you recover from your vacation blues as they have helped me tremendously.

What do you do to destress, once vacation is over? Leave a comment below.
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