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I was honored to speak with one of my Business Mentor and Coach Becky J. Anderson on what it takes to manage a product based business while being a mom, working a corporate job, and leaving the corporate world to work your "side hustle" full time.

How To Quit 9-5 & Go Full Time

Check out our chat below and leave any questions in the comments, also be sure to subscribe to and share the Product Biz Made Easy podcasts where Becky shares her knowledge and interview people like us, product-based business owners who truly gets it! Not too long ago I would plug in at my desk and listen to all the business podcasts while I was at work, I still do to this day, and I will tell you, every bit of the right information HELPS!



Show Notes:

Annie White Brown, CEO of Natural Annie's Essentials left her 9-5 this year and is working full time in her product-based business. Annie shared with me on the podcast:
-Why she started a product-based business.
-How she nailed down her unique selling proposition.
-How pop-up shops have helped her grow.
-How she uses Instagram and Instagram Stories to market her business.
-Where most of her sales come from.
-How Pinterest is helping her get traffic.
-How she sells wholesale and finds new customers.
-She shares her product development schedule.
Other Resources:
In case you are ever in need of business advice, or a group of fellow entrepreneurs to work through your business challenges together, Becky also hosts a powerful mastermind which I am a proud member of, a Facebook Group, and Courses to help you too, along your journey!

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