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Our Featured guest is Annya white-brown, (also known as Annie) who was featured in the Handmade Seller July 2020 Magazine. She’s the owner and CEO of Natural Annie Essentials, a lifestyle candle company, and family-run.
Are you an accidental and on-purpose entrepreneur? This kind of describes Annie’s journey to starting a business. Out of necessity the idea of the company started back in 2014 after the birth of Annie’s daughter, Tiffany, who was born and diagnosed with Spina Bifida. Searching for solutions to help her daughter's skin due to the side effects of her treatment Annie started creating products that were as natural as she could make them and after researching all the products in her household she decided to start making replacements for all her home goods to create a more healthy environment for her family. This built excitement and joy that led to creating enough to share with other friends and family for free…. Until one day a friend said, “This is so great, You should put a label on it!” And that’s when Annie realized that she was on a journey that she would be determined to make work. She’ll share how she started and pivoted, why she was so determined and the joy in it all.

“I just tried everything. Like you can recommend this one thing to me and I’m gonna try it. Because something in the back of my mind is like, I love doing this. So something has to work. I just keep going.””
— Annie on Ep. 65 of She's Crafted to Thrive
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