First of all, let me just say that working from home is not always as lovely as it sounds. But with time you can adjust and make it work for you.

Working from home has become quite a popular trend all over the globe in recent times, especially with the rise of entrepreneurship. Many people are considering it as a tactical solution where they can provide their services or use their talent to earn money without needing going and spending extra time, effort and money moving from one place to another.

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Being an entrepreneur having to work from home is tedious and can be an emotional strain, but with the right attitude and some motivation, it can be a fun journey! Somedays you are feeling on top of the world as you get shit done, other days your own thoughts and ability to overthink everything can be crippling this is why I believe setting up your space is paramount to making you feel good to start with, and a little humor goes a long way to help! check out our Thoughts Collection here, these candles were made for this very purpose, to inspire, motivate, and to put a smile on your face! You got it girl! and you are certainly not alone.

Working in a productive environment is essential for anyone who is working from home. It will aid you in adjusting to the work from home life.

By a productive environment, I mean a working place that has the right lighting, design, tools, and accessories that will not only help you to focus well but also give you the positive vibe you need while working. And in most #momboss situations, this also means having as little toys as possible in our space (and trust me I know this is much easier in written form!)

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Home Office Style

A functional home office décor will consist of all the following features:

  • Complementing colors – mix and match, have all the fun you want or go for a minimalistic approach if the room you’re going to work in is already flashy. But I find color is my happy place, so there are always splashes of color in my space. Do you, and make it yours!

Complementing colors  for your office space

  • Indoor plants – these will freshen up your mood, the greens will be a soothing tint to kick start your day and get it going the way you want. Plants can get addicting, you'll usually start out with one and weeks later you are working in a full-blown urban jungle. If you're not sure where to start on your plant journey or believe you are a serial plant killer Keisha Adinkra has a number of great videos and blog posts to get you started, check out Houseplants For newbies.

Indoor plants . home office

  • Scented candles – candles are a great way to get rid of anxiety and stress. I always have candles in my office, the sweet and vibrant Island Vibes keeps my creative juice flowing and Nag Champa keeps burning when this girl really needs to focus, and even if not lit, my Get Shit Done candle is always on my desk for motivation.

Fragrance hand poured soy candles for office

  • Computer tools and accessories – add some pretty and functional accessories for increasing your productivity. I recently upgraded my desk space to a sit-stand desktop workstation from Displays2Go as I found sitting for long hours was starting to really hurt my back and joints. Somedays I spend an entire day locked in my office and little to no movement will happen especially when I am really trying to wrap up a launch or new campaign, so this workstation made much sense for my lifestyle, plus it's cute so that's a bonus!

If you decide to give this desk or any of my office fixtures a try, you can get $15 off your order of $150+ by using my coupon code: NAEBK5 at checkout (valid through 4.11.2020). Shop my look here.

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Adequate light setting – with adequate lighting, you will have less stress on your eyes. Try to use sunlight during the daytime to let the natural light revitalize your mind and body when you get up to start your work.

Choose a setting close to windows – the more air and sunlight you let in your working space, the better it will be. Working from home is an amazing opportunity to be working in a productive environment that you can otherwise not achieve in a typical office setting. Make sure you make it worth it.

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Make Your Space Comfortable

Adjusting to the work from home life can be somewhat tricky at the start, but it is all about multitasking. Give yourself enough space that you can easily take care of yourself while working.

Adjust the tables, desks, and other computer accessories according to your posture frequently. If your work doesn’t demand typing and continuous monitoring, then you can adjust the table setting in a way that is comfortable for you while you stand and check-in from time to time. And if you don't feel like sitting or standing, honey get on the floor!

home office style - make your space comfortable

Use multiple screens if you must

If you’re working from home and are handling multiple social media accounts or platforms for your product or any service you provide, then it is a wise option to have more than one screen set in a home office style. It will definitely increase your productivity and save your time.


working from home and managing social media

These are some ways and tips to get you started for an entrepreneur home office that is great for productivity. Having a home office décor style will give you the boost you need to start working from home in comfort to get the job done!

Leave a comment below letting me know if this was helpful and how you increase productivity in your home office.

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I know this is over a year old, but I love it! Been looking for a pink/orange office set up. Love the standing desk too. Checking out your candles now!



I love your space. I work from home too, so this information was very useful. Thank you for sharing!



Love this! Planning to update my home office soon…definitely going to grab that stand desk workstation : -)



Great Blog, I feel the struggle working from home always. The lightening in the room definitely makes a huge difference. I will try having brighter colors and the standing desk!

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