Celebrate graduation with a candle making experience!

Hey there, proud mamas!  Are you ready to give your graduate the celebration they truly deserve? Look no further than NaturaAnnie Essentials Candle Bar – the perfect place to host a graduation party to emerge yourselves in the unique candle making experience.

If you or your child are celebrating graduation soon, you may be tired of the boring old ways to mark the occasion. Dinners, picnics, and house parties can become so commonplace it may not even feel like much of a celebration anymore! Trying something new with your graduate will always be a great way to make a lasting memory. Learning a new skill together makes it even better. That’s why the NaturalAnnie Essentials’ Sip & Pour candle making experience is the perfect way to mark the occasion. 

The age-old graduation party model is getting tired and played out. Inviting a carousel of distant family members to your home for a catered meal and stilted conversation is no way to celebrate the achievement of graduating. Instead, invite family and friends to a Sip & Pour candle making experience where everyone can try something new and leave with a candle of their own creation. Adding a group activity makes conversation easier, and memories even stronger!

Why Choose Us for Your Graduation Party?

🕯️ Unforgettable Experience: Say goodbye to ordinary parties and hello to an unforgettable candle-making experience! Your graduate and their friends will love getting creative and crafting their very own candles and wax melts.

🥳 Fun for All Ages: Whether your grad is 5 or 80, everyone will enjoy the hands-on fun of making candles together. It's a party that brings generations together in a unique and meaningful way.

🎉 Easy Planning: Leave the stress of party planning behind! Our team will take care of everything, from setting up the space to guiding your guests through the candle-making process. All you have to do is show up and celebrate!

💖 Personalized Touches: Make the party even more special with custom labels featuring your grad's name or graduation year. It's the perfect way to add a personal touch to their special day!

How It Works:



  • Craft Your Candles: Once you arrive, it's time to get creative! Your grad and their guests will choose their scents, pour the wax, and create their own unique candles. It's a hands-on activity that everyone will love!


  • Celebrate in Style: While your guests are crafting, you can relax and enjoy the party. Bring along snacks and drinks to enjoy while you celebrate your grad's accomplishments.


  • Take Home Memories: At the end of the party, your guests will take home their handcrafted candles as a special memento of the day. Plus, they'll have memories to last a lifetime!

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Ready to give your graduate the celebration of their dreams? Contact us now to book your graduation party at NaturaAnnie Essentials Candle Bar. Let's make their special day one they'll never forget!

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