Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we assume your Pinterest or Google search bar must be brimming with a lot of searches about romantic Valentine's decor ideas, some unique and special gift ideas for your loved ones (family & friends), and gifts for your valentine (maybe your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or someone special) or Valentines Dinner at home, etc. What if we tell you that we have something that can help you hit many targets with one arrow? Even if you're a "Not So Happy Valentines Kind Of Person," it may interest you still. Check out some of our top recommendations below for the best soy candles you can gift your special person.

It is said that before loving someone else, we need to love ourselves. It's quite a popular opinion and great advice you can give somebody who needs to practice self-love. Besides that, it's also a healthy principle to follow. So, why don't you begin this Valentine's season by treating yourself with NaturalAnnie Essential's Eucalyptus & Spearmint 9oz or 4oz scented soy candle? It is the best gift you can give yourself. Eucalyptus helps you shed all the anxieties from the day and clears your mind, while spearmint recharges you for the next day. You can place these candles in a tiny corner in your home, office, or wherever and whenever you need to be productive and see the magic unfold for the rest of the day.



Now that we have talked about self-care, shall we move to our near and dear ones? You know a daily energizing dose is a thing needed and much appreciated by everyone. Other than our romantic partners, there are people in our lives that make love worth celebrating. This person can be that nice neighbor, the high school teacher you're still in touch with, that colleague titled as your work best friend, your mom, and dad, or the friends, mentors, bosses, and cousins, who always wish the best for you. With hints of petrichor just like rainwater, our Tropical Rain scented soy candle is set to fill their life with freshness. Whenever they light this candle, it'll remind them of you. It also makes a great addition to a valentines gift basket.

Tropical Rain Scented Soy Candle 9OZ for valentines day

Now, this $85 mystery candle bundle will surely spark some curiosity in the receiver! You may not know what is inside, but one thing is for sure, it's gonna be a gift of mindfulness. Just add it to your Gifts For Bae List. The box may contain our seasonal candles, rare or discontinued candles, or candles and/or wax melts that never made it to the website. Seems like it's one of the fun Valentines gifts for your loved ones. All the singles out there, you too deserve Valentine's present, so hurry and order it for yourself. Also, it's a win-win and budget-friendly gift. Each box is packed to capacity with items valued at well over $140.

 MYSTERY CANDLE BUNDLE for valentines day

Our Ylang Ylang & Rose scented soy candle comes in 4oz and 9oz jars  & can prove to be an ideal valentines day decor. The exceptional blend of unusual herbs (like rose, ylang-ylang, and tea) and natural oils set the ambiance perfectly exotic and uplifting for your romantic evening. Don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself. Add it among other valentines decor or make a table centerpiece around it, and there you're ready to go for a happy-smelling eve. A little note: If you're planning an outdoor setting, you may need more than one candle.

YLANG YLANG & ROSE 9 oz Scented Soy Candle

For your fave Gal Pals!
Among all the people in your life, we have reserved a token of love for your gal pals. We know they have a special place in your heart and an equally important date on the calendar- February 13, Galentines Day. Although every day is special as long as you have your girls by your side. Use this day as an opportunity to tell them you're always going to be there, even when things go south, to express your love and respect for them. Give them a confidence boost along with our "You Got It Girl" and "Get Shit Done Candles." These two candles are gonna symbolize your support for them. You can also check out our  Galentines Day blog for more candle-related gift options and experiences for your girl besties.

YOU GOT IT GIRL! Coconut and Bamboo Scented Soy Candle
Chocolates and flowers are pretty common if you're looking for unique gifts for him/her. Candles are inexpensive, practical, and makes the best Valentines Day Gift Ideas. When used, these last longer than chocolates and flowers, aromatize the whole atmosphere with pleasant scents, and the person associates the gift with you. The phrase "Love is in the air" totally makes sense because certain aromas appeal in peculiar ways to everybody. They inspire a particular emotion in our minds.


So why not give a gift that makes your special person connect you with beautiful smells? One more good thing about fragrance candles is that they have essential oil blends with healing properties. So, they're a nice aromatherapy gift. While gifting a fragrance candle, you don't need to worry about the part where you spend hours and hours brainstorming on a gift that is appropriate for the person, considering the type of bond you share. You can always slide one among other small gift items or opt for a candle gift set.


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