Announcing! New Candles to Empower Your Inner Girl Boss & Motherhood

motivational soy candle for home office moms and female entrepreneurs

A question for all you moms and female entrepreneurs out there *raises hand*: when you're changing diapers with one hand and blogging with the other, do you ever feel the need for a shot of positive encouragement? ... sometimes a shot of tequila is really what we'd desire but I digress...

Same! Juggling family, life, work, and self-care is the hardest thing, but the new Thoughts Candle Collection is here to be your life coach, biz advisor, and spa therapist in one. When you have one lit, let's just hope the incoming party knows what's up!

Thoughts is a collection of hand-poured, vegan, soy candles designed to inspire, uplift, help you focus, and bring out your girl boss. Each scent gives your senses a serious shake-up call; each jar is tagged with a totally relatable slogan. These candles aim to show you that the #Momtrepreneure #girlboss life may be a struggle at times but you can make it happen. 

Sure, keeping your home (and yourself) presentable is a challenge, especially with a two-year-old on the loose. And yes, Skyping and zooming clients get *interesting* when your toddler wants in on the video call. But with candles like, Get Shit Done! (blood orange), Winning Right Now! IDK About Later (pineapple & melon), and new scent on the block like You Got it Girl! (coconut & bamboo), you'll boss that work/life balance or like I like to call it, "life juggling", realize perfection is relative, and learn to go with the flow.  

Thoughts Candles are great for giving yourself a pep talk and they make the cutest gifts too. BFFs with a crafter about to take her business skyward? Creating All the Things will give her the confidence to grow. Know a mom who says swish swish bish to perceived views of perfect parenting? Currently Unbothered and a Netflix movie is the fix for that badass. 

So let's make 2020 the Year of Yasss Queen! Turn that starry-eyed dream into start-up reality, take your hustle to the next level and beyond, and do motherhood your own damn way. Just don't forget to take care of your amazing self too - in mind, body, and spirit. 




Fellow badass, candle burning, Netflix binge-watching, wine drinking, self-care loving mama!

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