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 Agave & Green Leaves

Just in time for Spring & Summer! Agave and green leaves is a lively blend of jade, cactus flowers, sweet agave, and fresh-cut green leaves. This scent is sure to bring a blossoming freshness that’s fitting for any room.

Note Profile:

Top: Agave, Aloe

Middle: Green florals and green leaves

Base: Patchouli


Our convenient candle of the month subscription club was created for our candle lovers who enjoy switching out her candles and could always use a dose of inspiration or a little humor in her life. We know self-care, me-time, and escapism are super-important in this busy-busy, hella-hectic, stress-filled modern world and a candle is an easy and affordable way to do just that...escape.

Every month we will ship you 1 new lusciously-scented 9oz soy candle, just set it & forget it, we'll handle the rest.