Arianna's Favorite

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About Arianna:

She's a business owner, a mother, a college student and a partner. When she's not tending to her responsibilities she loves painting, staring at her plants, and looking up home decor.

Arianna's Fun Fact:

She's a professional photographer.

Arianna's Pro Tip:

"My biggest self-care tip is to take time for you! Whether that's taking an hour bath, reading a book, or binge-watching your favorite show. Don't let the rush of your everyday life consume you!"

What's In Arianna's Bundle:

1. Tropical Bohemian Candle

2. Himalayan Bliss Candle

3. You Got It Girl Candle

4. Currently Overthinking Candle

Why these products are Arianna's favorite:

"My favorite NaturalAnnie Essential products are the candles. I love the signature collection most. Tropical Bohemian and Himalayan Bliss are my two favorites scents from that collection. It literally makes you feel like you've just arrived on a vacation in Fiji! I also love the vibe of the Thoughts collection. That collection is perfect when you come home from a rough day at work and need to just relax. Light up either You Got it Girl or Currently Overthinking because they both smell amazing. Candles help me relax and honestly lift my spirits. I chose these candles based on their name and descriptions. They did not disappoint!"